The Whisky Treaty Festival - 9/2, 7:00pm




The Whiskey Treaty is a collaboration between 4 exciting bands, all with roots in Western Massachusetts. These bands are coming together to bring you an amazing night of Brotherhood, Music & Fine Spirits. It was only a matter of time until these musicians got together to share in their heartfelt love of Western Massachusetts, Folk/Americana music, and Whiskey!  These bands have performed for audiences from Austin, TX to New York City to the foothills of the Berkshires. The stories told through their music bring a feeling of instant nostalgia, taking you to a familiar place of love, heartache, hardtimes and simple joy. It's as if you've heard these songs your whole life.


Join Greg Smith and The Broken English, Bright Lines, Tory Hanna and the Pondsiders, and Billy Keane and the Misdemeanor Outlaws in a unique celebration of all that is good when you combine heartfelt music and a love of Western Massachusetts!

Greg Smith and The Broken English

Bright Lines

Tory Hanna and The Pondsiders

Billy Keane and The Misdemeanor Outlaws

Date: 9/2, 7:00pm
Price: $15.00
Location The Arts Block
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