Ben Levin - 6/22, 8:00pm

Erotic, majestic and twisted, Ben Levin Group is redefining conventional music—one stirring concert at a time.

“I want my music to reach out of your speakers, punch you in the face, and make you see colors you never could have imagined,” Levin says.  “Or, at the very least, I want my music to be honest.“

Founded on the notion that there is still some unique noise to be made, Ben Levin Group has been packing small venues of dedicated audiences since 2007.  Guitarist/bandleader Ben Levin is constantly composing new sets of music for the group, and the band rarely ever plays the same music at two shows in a row.  Fans never know what to expect at a Ben Levin Group show, but they arrive knowing something amazing is going to happen.

Date: 6/22, 8:00pm
Price: $8.00
Location The Arts Block
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