Trine Cheile & Astronaut Cady Coleman - 10/19, 7:30pm


Trine Cheile are a mixed media Eclectic Celtic Band with an emphasis on arrangements  of music from the ancient Celtic to  cutting edge contemporary ..Wrapped into all of it are Rosie Caine's compositions about wildness of  the women of the her country of origin  ..Wilde Irish Women ,Women in Arms and the Last High Queen of Ireland. Some of these women had fallen into obscurity  but their stories have not been forgotten as long as someone is  remembering their extraordinary lives and  singing their songs ..
Harp and Vocals ....Rosie Caine
Bass and Vocals ....Jim Ferry
Cello ....Robin Pfoutz
Guitar and Vocals ....Morgan Morgan
Rob Terreden ....Percussion
Date: 10/19, 7:30pm
Price: $7.00
Location The Arts Block
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