Viva Quetzal - 3/29, 8:00pm



Viva Quetzal is back!  The band that was POPULAR in the Valley, and toured extensively in the 1990’s, returns with it’s most kinetic lineup yet.  An Arts Block scoop.  Two extended sets!

"Sunday [was] a phenomenal night... with Viva Quetzal celebrating the release of their brand-new CD, Hijos Del Sol (Signature Sounds), one of the finest of '98 so far, blowing away younger, poppier bands I've seen address these styles... Destroyin' 'em, matter of fact. Viva Quetzal's Americanos are seasoned and heavy, heavy players -- college faculty and touring vets all 'round. .... There's Saya, from the Andean region of Bolivia, Venezuelan Golpe Tucuyano, Ecuadorian Sanjuanito beats. Latino jazz-rock fusion keeps a contemporary ear tuned, and the swing is undeniable. Can't fake verve, and this new record has tons. Spot-on summertime listening..."

-Michael Caito, Aural Overload, Providence Phoenix Review

 Viva Quetzal is :

Roberto Clavijo:  Andean instruments,vocals

Joe Belmont:  guitars

Abe Sanchez: vocals and keyboards

Jon Weeks: flute,sax, Andean instruments, percussion

Rudi Weeks: Bass

Eliezer Martinez: Drums


Date: 3/29, 8:00pm
Price: $7.00
Location The Arts Block
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