Gaea Star Goddesses - 6/2, 7:30pm


“Looking at the cover of this overtly New Age-y recording, I fully anticipated tearing it to pieces with my cynical claws of critical evisceration. While I appreciate that music is a deeply spiritual thing, releasing "devotional" music is generally, in my opinion, a bad idea. Even so, Gaea Goddesses takes varieties of music from Indian, African, Peruvian and Hawaiian traditions and effectively combines them with a George Harrison-meets-Stevie Nicks musical piety for an adopted religion. Production/arrangement that includes banjos, tablas, ukuleles, flutes, gorgeous string parts and sound effects really adds value and texture, and vocals, though typically singing not-so-poetic, prayer-ish lyrics, are nonetheless well executed, with pleasing melodies and harmonies. Its primary purpose seems to be worship rather than composition, so sometimes it stumbles as a record, but not nearly so badly as some similar efforts. —Tom Sturm”
Date: 6/2, 7:30pm
Location The Arts Block
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