The Ha-Ha's Improv Comedy Show - 8/25, 8:00pm


The Ha-Ha’s (formerly The Ha-Ha Sisterhood) return to the Arts Block Café inGreenfield on August 25th, 2012with a full night of laughter starting at 8:00pm. “If there are ways to make you laugh more deeply than you’ve ever laughed before, you better believe we’re going to find it,” says Ha-Ha founder Pam Victor. She pauses before adding, “Our goal is to make you pee your pants. Preferably twice per show.”

As improv comedians, The Ha-Ha’s will be making it all up right on the spot inspired by audience suggestions. This talent group of comic actresses will be performing two kinds of improv at this show. First, they’ll be performing improvised “games” similar to the popular TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” And then, audiences will be astounded by their much-acclaimed improvised show entitled “Shrink: Where Freud Meets Funny,” an example of longform comedy, an improvised series of interconnected scenes. “It’s more theatrical improvisation,” explains Victor. “The comedy comes in the truth of the scene. And the laughs tend to be deeper, a bit headier and perhaps more heartfelt.”

Audiences can look forward to a full evening of comic entertainment rated PG-13 right in the heart of Greenfield’s newest arts hub! With such a diverse show, The Ha-Ha’s are sure to tickle everyone’s funny bone.

Date: 8/25, 8:00pm
Price: $7.00
Location The Arts Block
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